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Meet Megan Callahan Owner of MC Builders LLC

Giving back to Mission of Hope to provide food, toys and clothing for those in need in Appalachia where jobs are few.

MC Builders LLC is Proud to be a Sponsor of Eskimo Escapades Shut Up and Ski Event in 2018 and 2019. This organization excels in giving over 90% of all donations direct to the causes below:

The Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center a recognized leader in rehabilitating stroke, spinal cord, and brain injury patients.

The IRC provides clinics in water skiing, snow skiing, paddling, cycling, climbing, marksmanship and golf on a regular basis. These activities require specialized equipment for the participants and are made possible by our donations and volunteers. 

The Dream Connection a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the special dreams of children ages 3-18 who are faced with life threatening or chronically debilitating illnesses. 

The Adventure Amputee Camp (AAC) encourages children with amputations or limb differences to stretch their potential and imagination, and explore all that is possible. For the past eight years, the Eskimo Escapades Foundation has sponsored the AAC Water Ski Day in Fontana, NC, with both volunteers and funds for a large picnic for participants.  

In 2019 our team sponsored and participated in Salvation Army Angel Tree providing for several families in need. We joined the Salvation Army team in packing items for distribution on a December Saturday. Giving back certainly blesses the volunteer more than the receiver!   

Mc Builders LLC Giving Back To Communities With Each Job Completed


Giving Back at this Thanksgiving Season!

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Megan Callahan believes in family and community. Her business standard is offering  quality construction at fair prices.  Megan's and MC Builders' business philosophy is with success comes great responsibility; giving back a portion of proceeds to our communities is fundamental to our success. We support  schools, charities and organizations locally and across the states where we conduct business. MC Builders looks forward to partnering with your company so we can continue to pay it forward.

A Note from Welcome Home of Chattanooga November 22 at 5:42pm 

We are grateful for so many things at Welcome Home. Today, this beautiful and incredible group from MC Builders, LLC, pulled up in two trucks and lots of Love, ...spending their morning taking care of our Home and us. Thank you new Friends!! You are blessings!